Marriage According to the Book of Common Prayer


In this series of meditations, Stephen Noll gives a brief yet comprehensive survey of the Christian understanding of Holy Matrimony according to the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. Part One looks at the biblical foundation of marriage; Part Two examines the purposes of marriage; Part Three considers the stages of marriage from courtship and betrothal to the marriage vows. Part Four looks at the realities and possibilities of the single life according to Jesus and St. Paul, including the vocation to singleness and the question of divorce and remarriage. Each meditation concludes with a particular Prayer and Blessing.

Marriage According to the Book of Common Prayer comes in a “Premium Paperback edition and also in an Economy 5-pack for use by groups. 

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The Gospel of God and the Church of God

Global Anglican Essays


Building on his earlier book on The Global Anglican Communion, Stephen Noll fills out a vision for the emergence of a new reformed Anglican Communion, empowered by the spread of the faith in the Global South. This volume contains three essays: 1) Is Gafcon a Church? Thoughts on the Jerusalem Declaration; 2) Letter to the Churches: A Commentary; and 3) Women Bishops and Reception.

It includes major texts of the Gafcon movement: the Jerusalem Statement and Declaration (2008), the Letter to the Churches (2013), and the Report of the Gafcon Task Force on Women in the Episcopate (2017).

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The Global Anglican Communion

Contending for Anglicanism 1993-2018


The book, written by the Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll, theologian, educator and missionary, shows how important matters of basic Christian doctrine came into play in the Episcopal Church and later in the wider Anglican Communion. It narrates the historical conflict between the West and the Global South at the 1998 Lambeth Conference, and at the 2008 Global Anglican Future Conference in Jerusalem.

The volume contains twelve essays written Dr. Noll over twenty-five years: on “Bible, Marriage and Church”; “From Lambeth to Jerusalem”; and “Is There a Global Anglican Future?” It looks to the development of Global South Anglicanism with the hope of transformation through this “movement of the Spirit.”

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Angels of Light, Powers of Darkness

Thinking Biblically About Angels, Satan and Principalities


Recent years have brought an unexpected revival of popular interest in angels. Books professing to draw back the curtain on the unseen angelic world filled entire bookstore shelves. But who are angels, and what is their nature and purpose in the biblical scheme of things? And what about the fallen angels, Satan, demons and the so-called “principalities and powers.”

Stephen Noll answers these questions in this detailed exploration of angels in the tapestry of Scripture. Here is a biblical-theological study that fills a significant gap and will command the attention of serious students of scripture.

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Peggy Noll Books

Stephen’s wife Peggy has written three Alphabet Bible books: on Creatures (animals), Plants, and Places. For each letter of the alphabet, one finds a verse poem, a Bible reference and a memory verse, along with illustrations by Cheryl DeGraaf that include activities for children on facing pages.

These books are aimed for young readers and their parents.

Hardback books can be bought through Giraffe and Vole Press for $14 each or 3 for $36. Softback versions are available through Amazon for $11.75.